About Abris

        Abris Medical Centre is a unique multi speciality clinic, specifically designed to meet the range of medical care requirements to the UAE population. ABRIS is an ultra modern facility well equipped with the latest state of the art technology, located at the busy street of Meena Bazar, BurDubai.

The Facilities at Abris Medical Center are among the best in the industry with world class service standards. With highly professional team of Specialists and General Practitioners and with their vast international experience, we at Abris intend to provide a healing touch to our patients and fulfil their dreams for a healthier life.

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In most of the cases this is the first point of contact during a patient’s visit to the Hospital. A doctor who specialises in many diseases will examine the patient and recommends different tests. Based on the result, the doctor gives treatments or refers to a more specialized department.

General Medicine


Our Dental department provides a complete range of treatments including denture fabrication, cosmetic treatments, extractions, root canal procedures, orthodontic treatments, implant planning and treatments, full mouth rehabilitation, crown lengthening etc



We are using top quality medical equipments for the diagnosis and treatment of internal body organs. This department deals with diabetes, liver diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, tuberculosis, liver diseases, hypertension, cardiac diseases, thyroid diseases etc.

Internal Medicine


Other departments will be available soon. This includes Obstetrics,gynecology,orthopedics, pediatrics,dermatology, endocrinology,ophthalmology etc

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